RazHer Collaborative has officially gone live!

by RazHer Collaborative

An accelerator agency with an eye for female and minority-owned consumer brands, RazHer is passionate about investing in and helping to scale your brand. Kristen Standish serves as Founder & CEO of RazHer and believes now is the time to build a "razher" sharp, women-led company for "razher" sharp clients looking to get closer to your audience, reach more customers, and increase sales. 

Through a strategic partnership with Nadeem Mazen and his incredible team at ASMBLE, RazHer helps businesses scale their marketing rapidly through creative influencer marketing programs with a curated, invite-only community for trusted and growth-focused influencers and creators. Built on trust and collaboration, our platform is built to empower creators to engage in content feedback and influencer networking, a real value for them as well our clients. RazHer can then amplify that creative and meaningful content across social channels like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. 

RazHer's team also builds custom Shopify landing pages, featuring our influencers, allowing for higher sales conversion rates. Through a partnership with Unstack and Grant Deken, the platform gives us access to product pages, storefronts, and shoppable blogs, allowing clients to make the most out of every customer interaction with one-click A/B testing, easy storefront personalization, and clear revenue analytics that tell us what works. 

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