WBZ Newsradio Segments with Off Cabot's Jackie Indrisano

by Santi Lozano

In the dimly lit ambiance of Off Cabot in Beverly, Massachusetts, a new series is taking center stage, spotlighting the talents and stories of women in the entertainment industry. It’s a fusion of laughter, melodies, and empowerment, where each performer shares their journey, leaving the audience inspired and entertained.

The brainchild of Jackie Indra Sano, the general manager of the Comedy Club, and in collaboration with marketing agency Razor, the EmpowHerz series is a beacon for female comedians and musicians on the North Shore. With a mission to elevate the voices of women in entertainment, the series brings forth a lineup of vibrant personalities ready to share their experiences and spread laughter.

Kelly McFarland, a seasoned comedian, is among the luminaries gracing the stage at Off Cabot. Known for her wit and humor, McFarland embodies the spirit of empowerment through laughter. Her performance, alongside other talented women, promises an evening of side-splitting humor and poignant anecdotes.

But the EmpowHerz series isn’t just about laughter; it’s about recognition and inspiration. Each performer takes the audience on a journey, sharing stories of triumphs, challenges, and moments of empowerment in the male-dominated realms of comedy and music.

Jason Tremblay, a soulful singer, adds his voice to the chorus of empowerment at Off Cabot. His melodies intertwine with the narratives of resilience and determination, creating a symphony of empowerment that resonates long after the curtains fall.

For Jackie Indra Sano, the series is a testament to the power of women in entertainment. “We’ve got women really running entertainment right now,” she says, reflecting on the vibrant tapestry of talent gracing the stage. “So why don’t we kick that up locally? That’s how this was born.”

Beyond the laughter and melodies, the EmpowHerz series is a celebration of progress and possibility. It’s about planting seeds of inspiration that may one day blossom into Netflix specials and global recognition. As Brooke McCarthy of WBZ Boston’s Newsradio aptly puts it, “It all starts somewhere, and then don't you want to be the person going, I saw so and so at Off Cabot, and now they're, you know, they’ve got a Netflix special?”

Indeed, the EmpowHerz series is not just a night of entertainment; it’s a movement—a movement to uplift, celebrate, and empower women in entertainment. So, grab your tickets at the door, immerse yourself in laughter and melodies, and join the chorus of empowerment at Off Cabot. After all, the world is waiting to hear your story.

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